Onyx Necklace

This onyx necklace creates a sense of mystery and romanticism to any outfit. Whether it’s for a night on the town or a quiet evening at home, this handmade necklace was made to accent the mood. The beautifully subtle combination of Swarovski crystals and onyx beads draws attention. The simplicity is lost in its class, elegance and passion. The celebration of the life is evident.

The light topaz Swarovski crystal is a central focal point that will draw admirers in its refined beauty. Complemented on either side with jet Swarovski crystals and onyx beads, this piece of handmade beaded jewelry is ageless and timeless. It was made to celebrate the attractiveness of the subtlety of a wonderful mystery.   Check out this necklace at   http://www.giftedhands.us/products/onyx-necklace/


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