Handmade Beaded Jewelry

These handmade beaded earrings are reminiscent of a warm, relaxing day spent on the beach or at the side of a pool with a nice tall cool drink in hand. Peace, calm, serene moments spent reflecting life and self.

As with most handmade beaded jewelry, this set echoes the passion and poise for life. The freshwater pearls and crystals sparkle and shimmer with the slight turn of the head. Their silver chain and amethyst stones reflect sunlight and draw attention to their delicate beauty. Their ethereal nature attracts attention and admiration subtlety bringing out the confident beauty of each handmade beaded piece adorned so elegantly by the wearer. Jewelry makes the outfit but handmade beaded jewelry reflects the style and attitude of the moment. Take a look  giftedhands.us/products/earrings-with-amethystfreshwater-pearlscrystals/

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