Handmade Beaded Jewelry is Nature’s Bounty

Handmade beaded jewelry creates a personal style that can be calming, seductive or festive. Jewelry is made to create a sense of atmosphere and ambiance. Nothing does this better than the handmade onyx and wooden beaded necklace. www.giftedhands.us/products/onyx-and-wood-beaded-necklace/

The combination of the marbled wooden beads and the onyx gemstones announces a love of nature?s beauty. The style is a classic, earthy combination that would be at home with a pair of jeans or accessorizing casual business attire. This lovely necklace is a statement of confidence that will set up any wardrobe.

Beautiful handmade beaded jewelry helps you celebrate a love of life and beauty as nothing else can. The creative displays of the red, tan and black beads mixes with the onyx to add a subdued elegance that will fit many outfits. This necklace was created to be enjoyed in any setting.

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